Is your day as busy as can be? No time to exercise? No worries we know how you feel! Exercising not only means getting your body in fantastic shape but is a great way to release stress, anxiety, depression, you name it. Here are 5 simple workouts that take minutes and can be done in the office or anywhere.

1. Lunch Break: If you have time during your lunch break or during a phone call, walk around or take a little jog. Even the littlest moments of exercise helps your body. If you have a longer break the optimum goal would be 20-30 minutes of exercise.

2. Weights: They're a great way to build your arm muscles while burning fat. Try to bring some with you and while you are sitting (or reading an email) lift a few weights.

3. Squats: Stuck at a desk? We got you covered! Squats can be done right at your desk while you read or talk on phone, and they only take seconds! Plus, they are a fantastic way to work your quadriceps & gluts.

4. Dips: If your near a chair, bench, or tub, just sit down & put your hands beside your hips. Slowly lower your gluteus maximus to your feet and raise your body back up by using only your arm muscles. This works your triceps & shoulders.

5. Pushups: You can do them right at your desk by flattening your back with your hands on the tabletop, and your feet on the ground. Lower your body down so your chest hits the tabletop and raise your body back up while trying your best to keep your back straight.

Get creative! Turn your chores into an arm workout by the way you lift your groceries, or try squats while doing dishes, or lunges while vacuuming.